“Leslie Watkins has mentored and coached me for over 15 years.  I truly believe that through her reflection of unconditional love, I have been able to see my higher self.  Not only has she given me the gift of living pure joy, she has also given me the tools to sustain a higher vibration of love.  This ongoing journey of self discovery has not only enhanced and changed my physical experiences of life but it has also impacted generational healing as I now understand how to love differently those who mean the most to me.” 

T. Nelson

 “Leslie Watkins has been a close friend and shining example for me for the last 12 years.   I have learned by watching her put unconditional love first into her own life how it has affected all of our friends and family.  It has guided me to be the best person I can be which makes my physical journey one filled with laughter and JOY.   Not only has she shown me the gift of loving first, she has also given me many tools to help sustain the best life I can have~ physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This ongoing journey of my self-discovery has not only enhanced and changed my life experiences for the better but it has also impacted my family’s healing. ~~I now understand how to LOVE without hesitation FIRST, then everything else falls into place!” 

G. Henich