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My heart is full. My experience of my life had changed greatly since I started life-coaching with Leslie. When I first met her, I was disconnected from my emotions and in a state of intense stress most of the time. Through the years I have met with Leslie, I have experienced the importance of all of my emotions. Her example of unconditional love has changed my perspective on life.

I was tentative to risk with anyone. Risking with Leslie has been a new experience for me. I have shared things with her I didn’t think I would ever be able to share with anyone. I felt safe to share with her because of her love, her ability to feel beyond the words, and her ability to hold space for strong emotions.

Before meeting Leslie, I had a set idea of how I thought my life should go and what was right and wrong. And I feel like that's opened up. Leslie has demonstrated to me how gentleness and letting go of judgment and control transforms your life.

Leslie has many gifts, and she has sacrificed to develop those gifts, mostly in the service of others. Her gift to see energy is made more powerful by the love in her heart. Leslie is a gifted healer. Her energy work sessions are transformative. Sometimes I literally feel lighter when I get off the table. The love in the room is almost tangible.

Since meeting Leslie I have found more of the courage and power within myself. I have also made a lot of progress on my journey from my head to my heart.

Leslie is able to connect deeply with others because she knows herself deeply and from within. When you are with her, you can feel her intention to reflect back to you your true self.

Leslie is intuitive, generous, nurturing and gentle. And she is also clear, centered, challenging and bold.

The way Leslie goes through life is inspiring. She is open and doesn't judge people or circumstances. She has taught me how to love myself and others on a deeper level and to be more at peace with the unfolding of life.


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